Radio Syndication Services

Radio syndication tips.

RadioLinx can help to add new stations to your affiliate and client roster.

When you hire RadioLinx to syndicate your radio show or represent your product, you will retain the sales services of an industry veteran without the expense of a large salary, benefits, office, vacation and more.

Unlike other radio syndication companies, RadioLinx does not utilize call center telemarketers. Presenting the benefits of your syndicated radio show, product or service requires a pro-to-pro conversation with potential new Program Director and General Manager customers. Our extensive industry experience provides RadioLinx with the knowledge to discuss the benefits of your program or product with confidence, compelling intuitive responses to potential objections, and the strategic ability to handle the longer complex selling cycles normally associated within the radio network industry. RadioLinx provides full service sales and marketing of syndicated radio programs and vendor resources.  As a RadioLinx client, you will receive:

Representation.  RadioLinx will present your radio show or service to potential station affiliates and work to close new business. In the process, we will explore and maximize your terrestrial broadcast opportunities as well as those presented by individual radio station websites.

Consultation.  Provide suggestions and direction as it relates to radio syndication, product marketing, advertising, distribution options and program execution.

Prospect Development.  We will identify key station prospects and associated decision-makers that offer the best match for your program or product.

Station contact.  Provide written proposals and phone follow-up.  RadioLinx will provide copies of all written and email correspondence with prospects.

Internet promotion.  Your program or product will be included on the RadioLinx website offering program information, product specifics, and audio demo.

Reports.  RadioLinx provides weekly reports outlining contact made with prospect radio stations, status and action steps.

Radio is our specialty.

With over 20 years of radio syndication industry experience, our proven sales approach can help to secure new station affiliates and higher revenues for your program, product or service. While succeeding in doing so, RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing can help to make more money for you and your company.  

RadioLinx has assisted new start up programs gain early acceptance in markets such as Seattle, Monterey, Portland, Tulsa, Albuquerque and others.  Conversely, RadioLinx has successfully sold mature programming brands to key radio stations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sacramento, New York City, San Francisco and more.  Our expertise lent to service oriented clients has been equally as effective generating new business in Washington DC, Detroit, Dallas and others.  Representing a variety of product types gives RadioLinx access to several levels within a radio station-- Program Director, General Manager, Promotion Manager, Digital Content Director, Sales Manager and others. Thus, RadioLinx is able to approach a prospect from a global perspective and offer ideas on how your service or syndicated radio program can be of benefit to a number of departments within the radio station.