Top Syndicated Radio Shows & Services

American Hit List

M.G. Kelly Classic Hit Radio

This 3-hour weekly program features the most dazzling production in syndication. The past becomes present as your listeners time travel to where the 60s and 70s become hits again.   

Custom Show App

Apps for podcasters.

A stand-alone app customized for your radio show allows audiences to listen to your program on-demand, when it is convenient for them. An affordable IOS platform solution. 

Classic Hit List

Classic Hits syndicated radio show.

The best Classic Hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s complete with listener interactive features, artist interviews, and fun. A weekly 4-hour program hosted by M.G. Kelly.   

DreamFarm Radio

DreamFarm Radio syndication

A unique experience of eclectic jazz music providing an intimate window into the very heart of an artist's creative process. Now on over 30 non-commercial stations.

Live From The 60s

Live from the 60s with The Real Don Steele

Hosted by The Real Don Steele, this is the original series created over 25 years ago by M.G. Kelly featuring the music and events of that memorable decade.


 Here is a 24/7 full time radio format designed to appeal to female and Hispanic audiences that are not currently being served by traditional Mainstream and Rhythmic CHR stations.  

Amazing 80s

Syndicated 80s radio show

M.G. Kelly takes your listeners on a roller coaster ride through the 80s. One of the top syndicated radio shows for stations programming 80s music. 

Your 90s Rewind

Syndicated 90s radio show

This high energy, music intensive rewind to the 90s is filled with entertaining features, listener interactive segments, and the most popular hits of the 90s.   

Kindness Moments

Syndicated 70s radio show

M.G. Kelly, the number one radio personality in Los Angeles during the 70s, recreates that magic again with a weekly 4-hour high energy, all request blast to the past.    

Home Country

Home Country with Slim Randles

Slim Randles tells down-home stories your audience will love and wraps it together with great country music—Alabama, George Strait, The Judds, Randy Travis and many others.  

Kindness Moments

Radio Station PSA

Public service announcements with tips on how your audience can promote kindness at work, school, in business and in everyday situations. Over 100 radio stations air Kindness Moments. 

Kindness Moments Plus

Radio station commercial sponsor idea

Kindness Moments Plus shares the story of a local business leader in your market while serving as a sponsor vehicle designed to help your station generate new revenues. 

FutureSound with CUSCINO

Hosted by Southern California-based, iTunes-charting DJ and producer CUSCINO. A continuous mix of the newest, most progressive ass/Trap/Electro artists from across the globe. 




Each RadioMix program is professionally created by a team of major market mixologists taking your audience from one great song to another. We craft the music mixes while your station adds local branding elements to complete a custom package that will keep your audience listening and entertained.