Frequent Questions & Testimonials

How to grow my show through radio syndication.

A few commonly asked questions.

Can RadioLinx secure new station affiliates for my syndicated radio show? With over 20 years of industry experience, RadioLinx is uniquely qualified to represent your syndicated program or product to prospective new radio stations.  We have held positions on both the station level and affiliate representation sides of our industry.  Because of this experience, we are able to effectively connect the dots between your product and potential radio customers.

How long will it take before we sign our first radio station? Timelines can and will vary. Ultimately, our success will be contingent upon the quality of your show, market competition and overall industry acceptance.  RadioLinx's strategic selling approach ensures on-going professional management of the selling cycle and proven closing techniques utilizing a "consultant" sales approach.  After an initial launch and general awareness campaign, successful shows generally realize their first affiliate after 90 days and continue to attract additional new affiliates to their syndicated radio network on a continual basis. RadioLinx can provide more specific projections upon a full review of your program or product.  

What are the costs involved?  Many radio syndication companies do not like to talk about price. We do and recognize there are two critical factors that can directly affect the success of any independent affiliation or sales effort-- time and money. While we may not be able to control the time frame in which a station decides to accept a client of ours, we can help to control the cost of your efforts. We have structured our rates to accommodate the longer industry selling cycle and the budget restrictions of our entrepreneurial clients. We ask for a $985 monthly retainer. There are no contracts to sign, RadioLinx expects to earn your continued business and you may cancel at any time.  

How will I profit from syndication of my radio show? Typical radio syndication is structured within a bartered model.  In this model, you will retain a specific number of commercial minutes within your program that can be sold to sponsor advertisers.  The monies generated from these commercials becomes the source of revenue derived from your program.  Naturally, the more affiliates in your syndicated radio network, and the bigger the stations, the more you will be able to charge potential advertisers.  There are a number of advertising strategies that can be used to monetize your new found inventory and RadioLinx can recommend an appropriate approach when your program has reached a saleable level.  Prospective advertisers will be keenly interest in the quality of your station affiliate list and securing this roster with RadioLinx is a good place to begin your endeavor.

Who are some of the people RadioLinx has worked with? Our clients, those that have engaged the services of RadioLinx, include both mature established brands and new syndication launches. Our customers, those that have purchased RadioLinx represented products, range from independently owned radio stations to the industry's largest corporate broadcasters.  Sample clients and customers include iHeartMedia, Beasley Broadcasting, Entercom, Bonneville, CBS Radio, Homefront with Danny Lipford, RadioMD, The Horse Show, Lotus Communications, Mike Malloy, Harris Media, DreamFarm Radio, Dr. Michael Roizen, Radio One, Thom Hartmann, M.G. Kelly and others. Stations that have engaged the services of RadioLinx clients include a variety of format types in major, medium and small markets such as WKDF Nashville, KFI Los Angeles, KLUV Dallas, KPTK Seattle, WHGO Biloxi, KPRS Kansas City, WUBE Cincinnati, KISC Spokane, KOGO San Diego, KDXE Little Rock, WPHI Philadelphia, KNEW San Francisco, WSNY Columbus, WFMP Minneapolis, WBLS New York, KWJJ Portland, and numerous others.

People say the nicest things.

“Working with RadioLinx is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Radio is a very hard business to get into and garnering syndication affiliates is like breaking in over and over again! RadioLinx makes the process much easier. There are short periods that go by and our show doesn't garner any new traction, but, on the flip side there are the weeks that really make up for it, when we've added up to three new stations in a week. I only wish I started working with RadioLinx on day one of producing my show.”  Dan Gutierrez, The Director’s Cut, Movie In A Minute   

“We engaged the services of RadioLinx to build up our affiliate network and have been happy with the relationship. Clearing stations is a slow and difficult process, which we understand from having done it ourselves since 1997. The RadioLinx team is very diligent and organized, and they update me every week on progress.”  Rick Lamb, The Horse Show   

“You far surpassed the number of stations I set as a benchmark or than I ever imagined.” 

David Alpern, For Your Ears Only 

“RadioLinx is superb and pro. I'm so glad RadioLinx is representing our syndicated show as we grow our network for DreamFarm Radio.” Julie Lavender, DreamFarm Radio