Case Studies

Case #1- Talk Show Relaunch

Syndicated radio shows that are free.

 RadioLinx was hired to represent a well-know national talk host whose current radio network had ceased operation.  Armed with a strong selling message and newly created RadioLinx marketing material, we were able to successfully secure new affiliates for this daily talk show in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, Miami, Minneapolis and others in just 30 days time. 

Case #2- Grow Station Roster

Radio Syndication Help

 RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing was contracted by a successful radio and television personality to increase station affiliation for a weekly program. RadioLinx re-tooled the show's marketing material and developed a revised affiliate sales approach.  Within the first year, RadioLinx increased the program's affiliate roster by 12%. 

Case #3- New Show Launch

Radio syndication network and syndicated radio shows.

 RadioLinx Broadcast Marketing was hired to represent two different radio programs provided by the same producer and host.  After some initial feedback from broadcasters, RadioLinx was quickly able to identify a favorable response for one program over the other and devise a strategy designed to showcase the stronger of the two. Beginning with just one flagship radio station, the show continually adds new affiliates on a regular basis. 

Case #4- Idea to Syndication

How to Syndicate a Radio Show

 RadioLinx was invited to represent a new
start-up music intensive radio program.  
We produced the marketing material and assisted with development of the program's structure, format clock and delivery system.  Once ready for launch, the program quickly generated interest while securing a top 100 market as the program's first affiliate and continues to regularly acquire new affiliates. 

Case #5- Vendor Representation

How do I syndicate my radio show? What is radio syndication?

 RadioLinx successfully increased annual revenues for a client boutique telemarketing firm adding several hundred thousand dollars in new business revenue over a multi-year period.  We identified fresh prospects and secured new customers for this firm in markets such as Detroit, Washington DC, Kansas City,
San Francisco, Fresno, Dallas, and others. 

A Few of Our Affiliates

RadioLinx radio syndication affiliates.

RadioLinx has successfully secured affiliates for newly launched programs in markets such as Albuquerque, Portland, Tulsa, Reno and more.  Clients on our roster with a more mature programming brand have been received well in markets like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Minneapolis and others.  This interactive map shows a sample of some of the stations RadioLinx has secured for client programs.