The Michael Koolidge Show


Mid-sized American cities, the exurbs, small towns, rural areas, counties that are colored RED on the giant national voting map. That’s what The Michael Koolidge Show is all about –a show for those who proudly live in what the coastal elites call “Flyover USA.” Flyover USA isn’t just between the coasts –it’s Maine and it’s upstate New York. It’s Northern California andi t’s the Jersey Shore. In Flyover USA people watch college football, go to small town parades and go to church. They don't take their political cues and narratives from big city (New York, Washington, DC, LA, San Francisco) elites on who to vote for and what’s “news.” More than anything else, people in Flyover USA are intensely proud of where they live: The United States of America.

The Michael Koolidge Show is a daily 3-hour, 2-hour or 1-hour Midwest-based syndicated radio program with a national feel that intentionally and exclusively reaches people in Flyover USA. The show features A-list guests and has been topping the ratings books in rural, small town and mid-sized American cities for over a decade.

The Michael Koolidge Show is, proudly, FLYOVER USA. 

Daily flexing 1-3 hour program


Show Excerpts

Kimberley Strassel - Wall Street Journal (mp3)


John Crist - Stand-up comedian and viral internet personality. (mp3)


Salena Zito - Washington Examiner and author of The Great Revolt. (mp3)


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