Kindness Moments Plus

Kindness Moments Plus are a great way to bring positive community news to radio audiences that are overwhelmed with the steady stream of tragic news coverage by today’s media. These one-minute features put the spotlight on local corporate leaders in your market that are helping to make your community a better place. For example, the local car dealer's involvement with Habitat for Humanity or a realtor's participation with the Make A Wish foundation. Each Kindness Moment shares the story of a local business leader while serving as a sponsor vehicle designed to help your station generate new revenues. The Kindness Revolution provides all of the tools for your sales staff to sell this highly attractive package to local sponsors deserving on this type of recognition.

Based on the principles of the best-selling book of the same name, The Kindness Revolution™ was founded by Ed Horrell in 2007 and subsequently has impacted thousands of individuals through its endeavors.

Kindness Moments Plus are available to your station on a revenue share basis. Kindly share 15% of the gross on any packages sold and we will reserve your station in the market as a first right of refusal exclusive partner for 30 days. You pay nothing until your receive any sponsor revenue and you may build the 15% commission into the advertiser cost of your package.

Kindness Moments Plus Sample


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