Killer Innovations

Killer Innovations in its 16th year is an award winning show hosted by Phil McKinney, Retired CTO of HP, Author of Beyond The Obvious, Innovation Coach and Adviser to leading organizations such as Proctor & Gamble, Disney, Roche, SAP, Department of Education, National Association of Basketball, NASA and Kroger. Phil has been touted in leading media organizations as the 'Chief Seer', 'Innovation Guru', ‘Most Influential in Mobile Technology’ and his teams recognized globally as the '50 Most Innovative' multiple years. 

Phil shares the skills and lessons learned developing award-winning products and technologies as well as insights from leading innovators. The Show has Global guests from Fortune 500, entrepreneurs to inventors across industries with past guests such as Peter Guber (owner of the Golden State Warriors), Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the web), Bob Metcalfe (inventor of Ethernet) and Dean Kamen (FIRST, Segway inventor). 

Phil focuses on ensuring listeners gain insights to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success. From defining a problem to derive ideas to prioritizing them and driving execution of innovations into a market audiences learn all the important aspects to being a successful innovator. 



Sunday 5p-6p eastern

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