Artie's Timewarp


Artie's Timewarp is a music intensive Classic Hits program featuring every Top 40 chart maker from 1965 through 1988. Each show highlights a specific month and year with all the hits of the day, engaging memorabilia and trivia. The program also features classic movie and TV themes along with vintage "memory lane" advertising.

Independently syndicated through RadioLinx, Artie's Timewarp sheds the traditional time constraints required by the networks offering a flex programming clock enabling all 40 songs packed into every show to air in their original time span. As a result, the total length of each show varies and is designed to keep your audience listening throughout the program's entirety. Further adding to the customization benefits Artie's Timewarp offers, station affiliate Program Directors may choose the programs that best fit their formats. There are 288 different programs to choose from showcasing the mid 60s through the late 80s.

The show is hosted by Artemus Goode, affectionately known as "Artie". 

program lengths vary


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